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Programme of Events for 2008-9

January 23rd
Minotaurs and Labyrinths – Myth and Minoan Art
Louise Schofield BA (Hons) Dip Class Arch.

The archaeology of Minoan Crete brings to life the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as portrayed in ancient Greek art.

February 14th
Visit - The British Museum: The First Emperor - China's Terracotta Army

February 27th
Mozart's 'Così' – a Comic Opera
Jonathan Hinden BA Cantab ARCM LRAM

A non-technical and not-too-serious account of this masterpiece, its characters and story with musical illustrations on the piano focussing on the composer's ability to express character and mood through music.

March 26th
A British Obsession: British Sporting Painters
Nicholas Bagshawe MA Oxon

Looking at the works of Stubbs, Herring and Sir Alfred Munnings and many lesser known artists, we review from an art-historical approach why this subject has unending popularity.

April 22nd
Visit - The Garrick Club & National Gallery

Report and photos

April 23rd
Beneath the City Streets: London's Unseen History
Peter Lawrence Dip Local Hist (Ldn.Univ)

A fresh look at London's history and development presented by a lecturer who has first hand knowledge of subterranean sites.

May 28th
From Biscuits to Blouses: Garibaldi and the British
Christopher Garibaldi MA Oxon

Guiseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) A romantic and heroic figure who captured the imagination of the Italians and in Britain sparked a fashion from Staffordshire figurines, biscuits and blouses to the famous red shirts that became symbols of the Risorgimento and Italy's fight for freedom.

June 10th
Visit - The Vyne in Hampshire - a 16th century house and estate
Originally built as a great Tudor Powerhouse, the Vyne was visited by Henry VIII and has been in the same family for 350 years. It is a fascinating microcosm of changing fads and fashions over five centuries. The beautiful grounds feature an ornamental lake and one of the earliest summerhouses in England. This is a fantastic opportunity to see a beautifully preserved 16th-century family home and a treasure trove of history. Booking from April meeting

Report and Photos

June 25th
Pilgrimage and Travel in the Middle Ages
Imogen Corrigan BA (Hons)

Whether they were spiritual wanderers or Chaucer's religious tourists, what made people trudge on these hazardous journeys, often in appalling conditions, sometimes perishing on the way?

July 23rd
Peasant Pastimes: The Art of Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Dr. Sophie Oosterwijk MA PhD FSA

This lecture will show that there is more to Bruegel than just paintings of merry peasants!

September 24th
Two London Porcelain Factories: Chelsea and Bow, a Study in Contrasts
Anton Gabszewicz

Leaving their former professions behind, that of a silversmith and a portrait painter, the two founders of Bow and Chelsea became pioneers in the risky new venture of porcelain manufacture.

October 8th
Visit - Olympics 2012: a walk with Andrew Davies

Report and photos

October 22nd
Florence and the House of the Medicis: A Family Affair
Jo Walton BA Dip Hist Art (Oxon)

This is a story full of amazing characters and stirring historical events all set against the backdrop of one of the most vibrant and artistic centres of the Renaissance. N.B. Please feel free to bring a friend who you think might be interested in joining the society to this meeting. No charge!

November 26th
The Strange History of Buckingham Palace
Patricia Wright BA (Hons) ARICS (rtd)

Queen Victoria's coronation was the first to set out from Buckingham Palace, but the site and that of the other London Palaces is a tapestry of all our pasts – often humorous!

January 28th
Puccini: Ses Femmes Fatales
Digby Hague-Holmes

Puccini hunted wild fowl, opera libretti and beautiful women with equal enthusiasm - but the heroines of his operas were his truest loves. Lecture with slides and taped music.

February 25th
L.S. Lowry: A Visionary Artist
Michael Howard MA Courtauld BA Hons

Our lecturer, himself a practising artist, will tell us the story of Lowry and explain his wonderful idiosyncratic and entirely individual style of painting.