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Cranleigh Decorative and Fine Arts Society Programme 2007/2008

8th Feb
Visit to The Garrick Club followed by a wander around Covent Garden.

28th March
The Shakers: Their Beliefs, Architecture and Artefacts

John Ericson BA (Hons) CertEd MEd.
The Shakers of North America left behind an intriguing legacy of beautiful buildings, furniture and artefacts. We discover the origins, beliefs and way of life of this fascinating sect.

25th April
Sex and Power in Habsburg and Bourbon Spain: Women Through the Eyes of Artists
Gail Turner MA (Hons) Oxon MA Courtauld EARAC
A queen, a nun, an actress, or a naked mistress - from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the formality of the portrait often belies the sitter's influence and power!

9th May
A Richmond Ramble with Andrew Davies.

23rd May
The Art Collections of the South African Randlords
Edward R. Saunders BA (Hons) MA
The successful speculators of gold and diamond mines in S. Africa sought status in England by buying art collections.

19th June
Visit to Kew Palace and gardens followed by a talk and tour of the Marianne North Gallery.

27th June
Cultural Exchanges: The Italian Garden in the British Imagination
Steven Desmond
From the 16th century the British have been enthralled by the Italian garden and since the 18th century it would seem vice versa! This lecture looks at a heady brew of beauty and wealth in the hands of people of taste.

25th July
The Life and Times of the Indian Mogul, Emperor Shah Jahan
Oliver Everett
The Islamic manuscript, the Padshahnama, in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, depicts the life of the Emperor Shah Jahan, best remembered for the building of the Taj Mahal.

17th Sept
Visit to The Red House built in 1860 for William Morris

26th Sept
The South-East, Brick by Brick
Lt.Col. Dick Bolton
A look at a material that we take for granted. The history, use and development of the brick from Roman times, the flowering of English brickwork in the Tudor period and its growing sophistication in the 18th and I 9th centuries.

24th Oct
Two Faces of Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg
Rosamund Bartlett

The art and architecture of these two great cities. Like the Imperial emblem of the double- headed eagle Moscow looks towards the influence of Asia whilst St. Petersburg towards Europe.

17th Nov
Westminster Abbey Musical Tour by 'The Purcell Club'

28th Nov
Shopping in Georgian England
Dr. Claire Walsh BA (Hons) MA Distinction PhD

An investigation into the skills and trials of 18th century shopping - haggling, bargain-hunting and assessing quality as well as the social and pleasurable experience of shopping around, for aristocrats and gentry alike.

2008 23rd Jan
Minotaurs and Labyrinths: Myth and Minoan Art
Louise Schofield BA (Hons) Dip Class Arch

The archaeology of Minoan Crete brings to life the story of Theseus and the Minotaur as portrayed in ancient Greek art.

27th Feb
Mozart's 'Cosi': A Comic Opera
Jonathan Hinden BACantab ARCM LRAM

A non technical and not-too-serious account of this masterpiece, its characters and story with musical illustrations on the piano focussing on the composer's ability to express character and mood through music.



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