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Cranleigh Decorative and Fine Arts Society Programme 2006/2007

28th March
Tour of the British Library and Map Collection Room

29th March
Rescuing Zeugma from the Flood waters of the Euphrates
Louise Schofield BA Hons Dip Class Arch
Whilst the water rose 2 feet a day behind the Berecik Dam in Turkey, archaeologists raced to uncover wall paintings and mosaics finer than those found in Pompeii.

26th April
Francis I of France
Fenella Billington BA (Hons)
Even Leonardo visited the court of this passionate supporter of the Italian Renaissance. The paintings, books and manuscripts which he amassed form the bases of the Louvre and Bibliotheque Nationale today

10th May
Outing to Down House, Kent. Home of Charles Darwin.

24th May
Pearls Before Swine
Jane Kelsall BA Hons
The extraordinary journey of a magnificent pearl necklace once the gift of a Pope to his niece, Catherine de Medici. Now, five centuries later, it is worn by our Queen.

28th June
Every Dog Has His Day
Chloe Cockerill MBE MA
Are 'Dogs in Art' purely decorative or do they have a deeper symbolic meaning? We explore dogs of all shapes and sizes from tapestries of the l2C to the Queen's corgis.

20th July
Outing to Lullingstone Castle and newly created world garden,

26th July
When is a Cupboard not a Cupboard?
Janusz Karczewski-Slowikowski MSc B ED
We all know that a door is not a door when it's 'ajar' but what is the answer to the question posed by this title? A look at the cupboard's development in both form and use up to the 17C.

26th Sept
Outing to Tyntesfield.

27th Sept
Porcelain for the Chinese Emperors
Anne Haworth BA (Hons)
Whether symbolic paintings in blue and white, jewel-like decorations in polychrome or even monochrome for ceremonial use these pieces were technical accomplishments of pure delight.

25th Oct
Trompe L'Oeil
Tom Errington Diploma (Central)
This practising artist reveals what it is that makes the brain accept information provided by the eye.

22th Nov
We Three Kings
Peter Medhurst GRSM ARCM
Illustrated by piano and song we examine the music, art ,poetry and legend inspired by the Magi.

24th Jan
Once upon a time: Victorian Narrative Painting
Lizzie Darbyshire BA(Ilons) MA (Courtauld)
A look at some of the tales painted by artists such as Frith, Holman Hunt, Millais and Tissot.

28th Feb
The Silent P artner: The History of the Picture Frame
Helen Clifford MA PhD FSA
In the past the frame could cost more than the painting, consequently much time and consideration was spent by the artist on this 'good marriage'. We explore the decisions behind the choices.



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