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Programme of Events for 2012-13

March 2nd
Outing: David Hockney Exhibition at the
Royal Academy.

Report and Photos

March 28th
The Original Olympic Games
Ann Birchall BA (Hons) PhD FSA

Tracing the origin of the Games. Lavishly illustrated
by classical art.

Lecture Report

April 23rd
Outing: Bletchley Park

Report and Photos

April 25th
The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
Yasha Beresiner LLB

Covering the origins and development of playing cards in England.

Lecture Report

May 18th
Outing: Dickens and London Exhibition,
Museum of London,
also visit to Charles Dickens House.

Report and Photos

May 23rd
Great Tarts in Art: High Culture and the Oldest Profession
Linda Smith BA MA

Examining the portraits and careers of some of history's most notorious mistresses and courtesans.

Lecture Report

June 27th
Marianne North: Victorian Botanical Artist and Traveller
Dr Twigs Way MA PhD

The talk will explore both the life and social context of Marianne North.

Lecture Report

June 28th
Outing - Royal Opera House backstage tour
and Somerset House visit.

Report and Photos

July 25th
Machu Picchu - The Great Citadel of the Incas: Beauty and Mystery
Gloria Broadbent BA MA

An insight into how and why the Incas built Machu Picchu.

Lecture Report

September 26th
Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:
Patrons of the Arts, Art Collectors and Artists

Oliver Everett

Victoria and Albert considered their roles as patrons of the
arts as being part of the public duties of the monarchy.

Lecture Report

October 5th
Outing - Windsor Castle
and Eton College.

Report and Photos

October 24th
The Turner Prize Explained
Frank Woodgate BA MBCS ACIB

We look at great winners (and other nominees) from the past and clarify the concept behind the annual competition.

Lecture Report

November 8th
Outing: Shakespeare Staging the World Exhibition, British Museum.

Report and Photos

November 28th
A Thousand Years of History: Medieval Cathedrals as Time Machines
Jon Cannon

Helping to use these buildings to bring to life the remarkable events they witnessed, and helping to explain how these events shaped their architecture.

Lecture Report

December 5th

Christmas Party


January 23rd
Picasso and His Women
Valerie Woodgate BA

The lecture examines the way Picasso's emotional life influenced what he painted and how he painted it.

Lecture Report

February 27th
Iona, Lindisfarne and the Glory of the North
Patricia Wright BA ARICS

This talk explores many lives, splendidly illustrated with achievements in manuscript art, architecture, sculpture, learning and decorative metals.

Lecture Report