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Programme of Events for 2011-12

January 26th
Sunflowers and Old Blue: Oscar Wilde and the House Beautiful
Dr Anne Anderson BA PhD FSA

She considers the House Beautiful in the 1870s and 1880s from the cult of Japan to Gilbert & Sullivan's Patience which sent up Oscar Wilde and his posing.

Lecture Report

February 23rd
Pilgrims of Babylon: the Artists of Montmartre
Douglas Skeggs MA Cantab.

No name is more evocative of Bohemian life, of high spirits, decadence and poverty, and of revolutionary art in Paris, than Montmartre.

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March 3th
Outing - British Museum - The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead

Report and Photos

March 23rd

Bhutan - The Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon
Zara Fleming

An exploration of the history, art and culture of this landlocked country which for years has preserved its traditional Buddhist values.

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April 27th
Joseph Haydn: The Complete Master
Tim Porter

We are offered an overview of Haydn's brilliant career, from the obscurity of a remote village on the Austro-Hungarian plains to international stardom.

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May 12th
Outing - Guildford Walking Tour

Report and Photos

May 25th
Posters of the Belle Epoque: The Great Age of the Poster
Charles Harris BSc

From Manet's 'Les Chats' to Cheret's 'Electricine' and Lautrec's 'Moulin Rouge', we will see inspirational work by artists who made the poster great.

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June 9th
Outing - Osborne House, Isle of Wight

Report and Photos

June 22nd
The Dollar Princesses
Anne Seeba BA (Hons)

The story of how the wealth of American heiresses shored up Britain's country houses.

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July 12th
Outing - Eltham Palace and the Wernher Collection at Ranger's House, Greenwich

Report and Photos

July 27th
The Big Apple: The Architecture of New York
Mike Higginbottom BA MEd

The comparatively ancient buildings of the 19th century, the great skyscrapers of the first half of the 20th century, and more recent additions to the famous skyline.

Lecture Report

September 28th
Who Says? Can we trust the experts on good and bad in art? -
David Phillips

The minefield facing experts need not deter the rest of us from making artistic quality judgements just based on life experience.

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October 4th
Outing - Hoglands: Henry Moore's house, grounds and studio in Perry Green.

Report and Photos

October 26th
Tales of a Mysterious Land: Landscapes, Legends and Architecture in Ethiopia
Louise Schofield BA Hons Dip Class Arch

The wonderful people of Ethiopia live a life that is truly biblical and timeless, surrounded by the most breathtaking landscapes.

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November 23rd
Art and the English Bible 1611-2011
Professor Michael Wheeler MA PhD

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the most important and influential printed book in the English language - The King James Bible

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Christmas Party


January 25th
Dickens Revisited - Bicentenary of his Birth
Jane Tapley

A biographical celebration of the greatest novelist of the Victorian Age.

Lecture Report

February 22nd
Paris: The Cradle of Modern Art
Michael Howard BA MA BA MA

An exploration of the exciting and optimistic work of artists in Paris at the turn of the 20th century, in the looming shadow of WWI.

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