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Tour of Legal London

Friday 10 May 2013

This outing proved to be one of the most popular the Society had ever arranged in spite of costing 56.00.  It sold out straight away.  The reasons for its success can be summarised in the following quotations gathered from members during the somewhat circuitous homeward journey, together with some of the photographs taken by members during the day.

“Excellent coffee and biscuits on arrival in a former bank now a Weatherspoons!”

Special access was granted to our male photographer to capture the wonders of the ladies loo in the former bank vaults.  “First time I have used a loo in a bank vault!”
“A good start at the gown and wig shop.  It set the scene for the rest of the day and I don’t think I would have found it on my own.”

“The peace and quiet of the courtyards and gardens just a stone’s throw from central London traffic.”
“Beautiful gardens hidden away from the busy streets of London.”

“I loved having lunch in the dining room at Middle Temple Hall with the table taken from the Golden Hinde – also to see the 29ft table given as a tree by Elizabeth I.”
“Actually being able to touch the hatch of Drake’s Golden Hinde in Middle Temple Hall was a great thrill.”

“Lunch in Middle Temple Hall was an amazing experience – we felt very privileged.”

“The hammer beam roof in Middle Temple Hall - how many are there in the country of this quality? - and the renovated screen were magnificent.”

“The history and architecture of the buildings was made so interesting by the Guide’s in depth knowledge of past and current events.”

“The Temple Church was fascinating since it was the place where Magna Carta was drafted and which was later to influence the US constitution.”

“I enjoyed the Church of the Knight’s Templar and their lying effigies.”

“Brilliant tour guide, she brought the whole day alive with her entertaining, informative and amusing anecdotes.  Please let’s have her again!”

“We enjoyed seeing the beautiful tiles in Lloyds Bank followed by a free cup of tea in Twinings tea shop!”

This final quote summarises the overall feelings of those on the outing:

“I was particularly impressed with the wonderful history of our old buildings.  I had a great feeling of pride in our legal system.  The Knights Templar Church was so interesting and the quietude of the lovely gardens in the busy city were a joy.  A great day out.  I look forward to more exciting outings to come.  Many thanks to those who organised such a memorable day for us.”

Collated by John Baker

Photos by courtesy of
Jonathan Cross, Heather Head, Frank Illston and John Wright