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Our visit to the New Postal Museum, London and MAILRAIL

Wednesday 18th April 2018

We started with a wander through Postman’s Park where GF Watts has left his mark with ceramic plaques paying tribute to “unsung heroes” and further wanders through the hub of our Postal System until recent years.  This gave us a perspective of what was to come.

Watts memorial to heroes

A postal museum Hmmmm!...  maybe doesn’t sound over exciting?  You could not be more wrong!

Until our modern days of internet and mobile phones, our Postal System served the heart of our Nation’s communication over hundreds of years, evolving as new ideas and technologies emerged.  We truly “walked through time” seeing everything from pillar boxes, phone boxes, the art of advertisements, stamps and the essential morale communication through two world wars keeping troops in contact with families back home.  Then there was air-mail and packet ships serving the Empire... oh and WH Auden’s Night Mail!

Statue of Roland Hill Royal Mail coach Royal Mail cycle Air-mail postbox Royal Mail old van Royal Mail post bus Victorian postbox

BUT.. the highlight came last!  The amazing underground railway which transported mail sacks between London mainline stations to all reaches of the UK.  The carriages which carried mail until 2003 now carry tourists, so we cramped in, and rode through those tunnels.  What an amazing feat of engineering and now a visitor experience loved by us all!  Fabulous day!

MAILRAIL underground train

Text: Gwen Wright
Photos: John Wright

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